GenTrax 1.5kVA Generator PureSine Inverter Portable Petrol Silent in MUNDARING, Western Australia for sale

GenTrax 1.5kVA Generator PureSine Inverter Portable
GenTrax 1.5kVA Generator PureSine Inverter Portable
GenTrax 1.5kVA Generator PureSine Inverter Portable
GenTrax 1.5kVA Generator PureSine Inverter Portable

MickeyBlu Australia Camping has on offer this unique portable 4 stroke petrol generator great to run portable fridges, and any smaller items requiring power.
Excellent value Sales price $499
It was once said to get a portable petrol generator it cost $1000 per KVA
At MickeyBlu we keep the prices low to watch them go..
Come and view these great units extremely quite and light weight at one great price for a limited time, while stock last .
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Compact design
Light weight 12kg
Pure sine wave
Australian 15 amp outlet
4.8 hours continous output
Economy mode
Easy service
Automatic output adjustment
4 stroke machine
Reliable 12 month warranty on machine including all parts
This latest Gentrax 1.5kVA is a must have for holiday lovers. Its light weight and compact built is designed specifically to suit Australian campers who don?t have any extra room to spare for camping trips. Continuing excellence in producing silent generator, the latest release carries the same noise-reduction feature enabling sound level to go as low as 57db/7m.
Inverter technology gives you pure sine wave output and protects sensitive equipment like laptop. Not just for the campers, this machine is also a dream come true for Tradies and Handyman. Producing a peak output of 1.3kW and continuous output of 1.1kW, you can rely on the Gentrax 1.5kVA to run your power tools, electronics, lightning and more.
Equipped with digital throttle control, the output of the machine is adjusted according to requirement. Automatic throttle has proven to save fuel and prolong life of the motor. This 4 stroke machine comes with easy recoil starting which only take a single pull to start normally.
With such a small size, one wouldn?t expect this generator to be able to carry a 3L fuel tank. Combining with its state of art fuel saving technology, this machine can run for up to 5 hours on a single tank. Even better, MM1520Y13 comes with economy option which cut down fuel usage and extends maximum running time.
Why buy from us?
Gentrax does not simply buy engines from one company and combine with inverter from another company. Their products are engineer from scratch which is why they are able to achieve results other manufacturers can?t. For example, MM1520Y13 is packed in a smaller body while putting out more output than a bigger physical size 1kva machine you would have got from other manufacturers. Apart from that, each model is being tested to ensure it performs second to none before they are launched to consumer. There?s no reason why you shouldn?t buy from the most reliable manufacturer.
Finally, we pride ourselves for our outstanding service both before and after sales.
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